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Virtual Vacations

We'll take you places you've never been before - while you relax on a comfy massage table!

Can't get away? Choose your Virtual Reality setting for an immersive relaxation experience.  

Each setting is paired with complementary essential oils to bring you deeper into the virtual scenes, massage for lower legs and feet along with corresponding beverages served after the experience.  You'll feel like you've had an exotic vacation, right here in Estes Park! 

45 minute Virtual Vacation: Intro Price $80

Ala Carte:

Add a 15 | 30 minute Virtual Reality Meditation to any treatment on our menu:

$20 | $35

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The Beach

The Beach Virtual Vacation features Wineglass Bay, Australia. You'll be transported with scents of island vanilla, ylang ylang, and sweet orange essential oils. Enjoy a lower leg scrub and seaweed wrap for lower legs, followed by lower leg and foot massage.  Chilled coconut water is served after your experience to hydrate. 

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Northern Lights

Snuggle under a warm blanket and watch the glow of the Aurora Borealis as you breathe in the scents of black spruce and sandalwood essential oils.  Enjoy a cooling mint wrap for lower legs followed by a relaxing hot & cold stone lower leg and foot massage. Hot chocolate or tea is served after your experience. 

Moon surface with dark side. Earth on ba

The Moon

 Leave this world behind and luxuriate on the moon while you watch the Earth spin, as you are lured into relaxation with the scent of a blue tansy blended essential oil.  Enjoy a warming paraffin treatment for hands and feet, followed by lower leg and foot massage with hot stones.  Sip on an Izzy fizzy soda to hydrate afterwards!