Treatment Enhancements

Our services are designed to be totally customizable to satisfy what your mind, body, and spirit craves. Peruse our enhancement options to create your own Reverie!

*Enhancements cannot be booked as standalone treatments.

Soft Skin

For soft skin & lymphatic drainage

Dry Brushing

Dry body brushing energizes the body, increases circulation and blood flow, stimulates drainage from the lymphatic system to smooth skin's surface, and sweeps away flakes and dry patches. This full body treatment feels amazing and leaves the skin softer. Add to a massage or facial. 

Adds 15 minutes to your treatment | 20


A quick skin pick-me-up!

Mini Facial

A wonderful skin-pampering addition to any massage: Includes steamed towels, cleansing, enzyme, serum, and moisturizer.

Adds 15 minutes to your massage | 30

Process paraffin treatment of female hands in beauty salon.jpg

Feels great for dry skin & arthritis pain!

Paraffin Treatment

Paraffin dips are warming, hydrating, and soothing for tired hands and feet - those with arthritis find this treatment especially beneficial as it provides pain relief through soothing heat. The long-lasting hydrating effect is a perfect treatment for dry, cracked skin as well. Add to any massage, facial or lash treatment. 

Hands / Feet | 15

Hands AND Feet | 25

Cosmetic Oils

Detoxify & RelieveMuscle Tension

Raindrop Treatment

The Raindrop Technique, is a gentle therapy using a sequence of essential oils as small, rain-like drops along the spine and embedded with steamed towel compresses. Specific massage techniques are used along the spine to loosen muscles and decompress the spine. Raindrop Therapy assists the spine back into alignment, supports a healthy immune system, and provides full-body balance. Add to a massage or facial.

Adds 10 minutes to your treatment | 25


Great for dry skin & feels amazing!

Lower Leg & foot Seaweed Scrub

Jojoba beads with a re-mineralizing seaweed mask thoroughly exfoliate your lower legs & feet, followed by steam towel wraps. 

Adds 5 minutes to your treatment | 15

Salts Massage

For soft, exfoliated skin

Exfoliating Seaweed Back Scrub with Dry Brushing

Dead skin cells are scrubbed away using gentle Jojoba beads & mineral-rich seaweed, and removed with warm, steamed towels. Followed by dry brushing to leave the skin soft & smooth. Add to a massage or facial.

Adds 10 minutes to your treatment | 20

Relaxing Facial

Look well rested!

de-puffing treatment

Add this cooling, soothing & de-puffing eye treatment to any massage or facial. Helps with dark circles too!

Adds 5 minutes to your treatment | 15

Facial Massage

A natural facelift!

Facial Massage

A special facial massage tool called a Kansa Wand is an ancient skincare tool with Kansa metal (a blend of copper & tin) that helps to balance your skin's pH naturally, while assisting with lymphatic drainage, de-puffing the eye area, and providing a natural lift! 

Adds 10 minutes to your massage or facial | 20

Pedicured Feet

Relief for achy feet!

Arnica Salts Foot Soak

Dip your feet in a warm & tension soothing foot bath infused with potent Arnica salts to help relieve inflammation & tension in tired feet. Perfect after hiking!

Adds 15 minutes to your massage or facial treatment | 20

Mani Pedi

Great for tired feet!

Ionic Detox Foot Soak

Enjoy a 30 minute ionic detox foot bath to cleanse and detoxify your body from the inside out. These popular treatments have shown to detox the body on a cellular level and alkalize the body's pH. Feet feel invigorated, and due to the detoxifying effect, strains on the kidneys and liver are relieved, helping the body re-balance its energy fields allowing organs to function better.  

Adds 30 minutes to your treatment | 45

Head Massage

Extra pampering!

Scalp Massage

Scalp massage is marvelous for relieving stress & tension! We incorporate your favorite aromatherapy. 

Adds 10 minutes to your massage or facial | 20