Winter Skin Problems: Dryness and Irritation

❓Frequently Asked Question: Why does my skin get so dry and irritated in winter?

🗻Living in the mountains at high altitude is ROUGH on our skin. Arid climates, heaters in our homes, and cold air pull the moisture from our skin. Though our bodies fight to regulate this water loss, high altitude makes it nearly impossible for the skin to recover and rehydrate during winter. When skin is water-dry, it affects the skin's natural barrier functioning - our skin is there to be our first defense against irritants, bacteria, and UV radiation. When it's dry, it is unable to perform these functions and we begin to see irritation in our skin - it can even become reactive to products we've been using for years suddenly or you may develop dermatitis.

💧If your skin is showing signs of dryness and irritation, first increase your daily water intake and avoid diuretics like caffeine. You may need to switch your skincare routine for winter as well. Use gentle products that are free from synthetic fragrances and are specifically for dry, irritated skin. This will help repair your skin's barrier functioning and prevent water-loss.

💆‍♀️Pictured is Rhonda Allison "Seeing Red" Rosacea and Sensitive Skin System. This is what we recommend to those who are showing extreme dryness and resulting redness and irritation. Together, they replenish, rehydrate, soothe irritation, and provide a high degree of environmental protection. Your skin will be on its way to recovery!

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