Quiet Sessions

During our massages and facials, we encourage quiet. This is your time to regroup, center, and let mind-chatter fade. Begin to focus on your breath when you are on our table, let your thoughts come and go naturally but don't dwell on them - like watching clouds go by. Allow yourself to reside in your heart-house, that wonderful bowl of silence. During your session, your Reverie therapist is listening intently with her hands - to your muscles, your breathing pattern, your rhythms. We are tuning into your frequency like AM radio. Unfortunately, we cannot listen with our hands AND our ears, so please don't feel like you have to fill the silence of your massage or facial session with talk. The silence is your space to heal. We know you deserve that. #MassageisMeditation #SomaticEmpathy #JustBreathe #MassageHealing #Quietude #Silence #Relax #EstesParkMassage #EstesParkBeauty

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Brooke, Owner

Why choose Reverie?

Reverie Signature Services

Signature Reverie Facial

Your skin deserves this completely customized skin-pampering facial utilizing an array of techniques that may include: microdermabrasion, dermaplaning, enzymes/acids, extractions, Ayurvedic facial massage, LED Phototherapy, high frequency, renewing eye mask, warm-mitts hand treatment, custom mask, a 15-minute hot stone back massage, and/or arm & hand massage....HEAVENLY!

Reverie Daydream Package

A totally transcendent 2 hours, including a 60-minute Reverie Blend Massage, and our 60-minute Signature Reverie Facial. You'll be floating on cloud 9!

Reverie Blend Massage

Designed to be the perfect customized massage for you, we accommodate any pressure preference, and incorporate a blend of hot stones, cupping, CBD lotion (1 area), and/or essential oils. Let your therapist know your ideal blend or let her choose the perfect combination for you!

Rose Repose Massage

Rose has been studied for its ability to lower stress hormones, and has been proven to be a natural anti-depressant. It also has healing and anti-aging benefits for the skin. This massage will lift your spirits, and lower your stress levels - from face to feet! Your Rose Repose treatment starts with a dry brushing to stimulate lymph and soften the skin. Then, a perfect-pressure massage with our custom-blended rosehip seed oil, coconut oil, shea butter, and pure Rose essential oil. An Ayurvedic face-lift massage as well as a lower leg & foot scrub with steamed towel wrap is included. We send you home with a Rose aromatherapy shower bomb so you can continue to stop and smell the roses!