Rose Repose Massage

Rose has been studied for its ability to lower stress hormones, and has been proven to be a natural anti-depressant.

We have created the Rose Repose Massage to lift the spirits, and lower stress levels - while providing an amazing massage experience from face to feet!  This 90-minute massage and skin treatment starts with a dry brushing to stimulate lymph and cellular renewal, and remove dead skin cells. Then, a massage with our custom-blended rosehip seed oil, coconut oil, shea butter, and pure Rose essential oil. An Ayurvedic facial massage as well as a lower leg and foot exfoliation with hot towel foot wrap is included. Take home a Rose aromatherapy shower bomb to continue the experience at home!  

90 min: / $139

Infused Massage

Our Infused Massage utilizes a custom-made blend of 100mg of CBD isolate, essential oils, and carrier oils that will best benefit your skin - these may include hemp oil, coconut oil, hazelnut oil, kukui nut oil, argan oil, evening primrose oil, or pomegranate seed oil. Hot stones or cupping are also incorporated to enhance results. 

The CBD Isolate that is used is what remains when all plant material except CBD is removed in the processing of cannabis. Considered the purest form of CBD, users like the isolate's quality control factor, and lack of THC. In other words, there is absolutely no THC in - and therefore no psychoactive effect, from our CBD isolate! 

Our skin contains many receptors that cannabinoids like CBD interact with to initiate signaling pathways. Most of these receptors modulate pain and inflammation in the skin. These receptors are found all over the body as well, and cannabinoids interact with them in different ways to promote healing. This is why CBD applied topically can be so helpful in relieving pain and inflammation.


In this massage, we create your custom CBD blend, use it for your massage, and send you home with the rest!

60 min: $105 / 75 min: $120 / 90 min: $135

Swedish Massage

Swedish massage is the most common and best known style of massage. The primary goal of a Swedish massage is the relaxation of both body and mind. Typically, a Swedish massage consists of light-medium pressure gliding strokes along muscles in the direction of blood returning to the heart. Benefits include the lowering of blood pressure, increased circulation to tissues of the body, increasing the oxygenation of the body, and easing muscular tension.  *For a deeper massage, see Ashiatsu (Deep Tissue) Barefoot Massage. 

30 min: $40  /  45 min: $60  /  60 min: $80  /  75 min:  $95  /  90 min: $110  

Hot Stone Massage

Hot Stone Massage is a natural therapy which utilizes heated stones to warm and soothe muscles while being integrated into a Swedish-style or deep tissue massage. The stones are used as massage tools, and warming agents during the massage.  The application of heat during a massage helps muscles to relax faster and stay relaxed for longer. Hot stones are to massage what ketchup is to french fries! 

30 min: $40  / 45 min: $60  /  60 min: $80  /  75 min: $95  /  90 min: $110  

Ashiatsu (Deep Tissue) Barefoot Massage

ASHIATSU:  Ashi (foot) -atsu (pressure) is a deep, painless form of barefoot massage that you will absolutely love.  Deep enough to relax every fiber of your being, yet a completely gentle application of broad  pressure, this is the perfect massage for anyone who feels they never quite get enough pressure. Ashiatsu is also known as "the deepest, most luxurious massage on the planet".  During this massage, your therapist will glide clean, soft feet along your back and legs - it feels like you are receiving the most satisfyingly deep massage from giant hands.  Clients comment that the tension-relieving benefits of Ashiatsu last longer than other massage styles! 

30 min: $50  /  45 min: $70  /  60 min: $90  /  75 min: $105  /  90 min: $120  

Skin Soother Massage

A perfect massage for both tension reduction and lasting hydrating benefits to the skin!  This massage starts with a thorough body dry-brushing to slough off dry, dead skin cells and stimulate circulation, then a full body massage addressing all areas of stress using a combination of Coconut and Shea butters, Vitamin E, and Neroli Essential Oil.  Skin is left restored and nourished - perfect for before / after sun exposure, or during the dry and itchy winter months.   

75 min: $105  /  90 min: $120

Add an add-IN mini facial (tucked into your massage): $15

Add an add-ON mini facial (adds 15 min to your massage): $25

Outcall Massage

Available for those who have a massage table at their home.  Enjoy a massage in the comfort of your own home with an outcall massage.  A muscle-melting massage will alleviate stress without you having to drive anywhere afterwards!   Massage Therapist will bring aromatherapy oils and relaxation music.  You provide the massage table, sheets, a pillowcase, pillow, and a blanket. 

60 min: $85 / 75 min: $100 / 90 min: $120

Please text or call Brooke at Reverie to schedule: (402) 304-6691. 

Advanced scheduling recommended.

Pricing applies to outcalls within 5-mile radius of the Reverie office. Additional travel-fees apply for surrounding areas. 

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