Ionic Detox Foot Baths

Ionization: How it Works

An Ionic Detox Foot Bath consists of a tub of warm water with a small amount of salt added, and an ionizer placed in the middle. When you put your feet in the tub the control unit ionizes the water and splits it into H+ and OH- ions (and sometimes into H3O+ and H2O2 ions.) These ions are able to enter the body through the thousands of large pores of the feet and travel through the circulatory and lymphatic systems to the rest of the body.  These ions neutralize oppositely charged ions that are connected to toxins in each cell, including those which are normally slow to exit the body.  Once these toxins leave the body through the foot bath, sweat or the body when you go to the bathroom, all the body’s organs are said to be energized and stimulated to function optimally.  

30 minutes / $45

Enjoy a 30 minute ionic detox foot bath to cleanse and detoxify your body from the inside out. These popular treatments have shown to detox the body on a cellular level and alkalize the body's pH. Feet feel invigorated, and due to the detoxifying effect, strains on the kidneys and liver are relieved, helping the body re-balance its energy fields allowing organs to function better.  

What can you expect from this treatment?: 

Healthy individuals can expect their feet and bodies to feel lighter and more energized, and experience a greater feeling of well being from each session. Some people with pain, edema, and deteriorating joints have reported symptomatic relief from the sessions. 

As a wellness routine, this treatment can be repeated in 30-minute increments, every other day - for 14 sessions with a 3 week break before starting the next sequence. But many people look forward to an Ionic Foot Soak every 2 weeks or once a month before / after their scheduled massage or facial. 

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