The Reverie Story...

Reverie Beauty and Bodywork was founded in 2016 by Dual-Licensed Massage Therapist & Esthetician, Brooke Claassen. Brooke has worked in some of Colorado's best spas and massage centers since 2005, providing mindful massages, detoxifying treatments, luxurious facials, and beauty services. Through providing quality beauty services and massage, Reverie Beauty and Bodywork's mission is to help clients return to the best versions of themselves in the midst of a stressful world.

Why "Reverie"? Reverie was named after the blissful state of being one achieves during a fabulous massage or facial.  When the pressure, pace, and rhythm of a great bodywork or skincare session is just right, one can enter into an altered state of consciousness (where true healing happens!), somewhere between sleep and wake. This is the state of Reverie.  

Brooke Claassen
Owner, Licensed Esthetician, Licensed Massage Therapist

Being both a Licensed Massage Therapist and Esthetician allows Brooke to offer many different services and to truly customize treatments to fit her clients’ needs and goals. Guests often schedule a facial, and know that they will also get the knots in their shoulders worked out in the same session. Having double areas of expertise truly sets Brooke, and all the practitioners at Reverie Beauty and Bodywork, apart from the rest​.

Brooke's Massage Background: Brooke graduated from the Boulder College of Massage Therapy in 2005, and has over 1200 hours of massage education. She specializes in a deep Swedish Massage style, strongly rooted in Myofascial Release and targeted - yet gentle - Deep Tissue work.  With over 15 years of massage experience and a passion for continuing education, Brooke’s bodywork reflects her knowledge of a wide range of techniques. Her philosophy is that intuition is the most important massage technique – she listens carefully to her client’s body, as she regulates pressure and technique, to create a massage that is always tailored for individual needs.

Brooke's Esthetics Background:  Brooke graduated from the Denver School of Botanical and Medical Aesthetics in 2016. She specializes in Classic Lash Extensions, the Lash Lift, Skincare, Microneedling, and Waxing. Brooke has taken advanced Esthetics for Oncology classes, because skin that has gone through cancer treatments requires special care.  She is passionate about enhancing natural beauty in a way that nurtures the best version of her clients. 

Logan Morris
Licensed Cosmetologist, Licensed Massage Therapist

Logan Morris, Dual-Licensed Cosmetologist and Massage Therapist, joined Reverie in 2018 after gaining experience in advanced skincare working at medical spa. She is passionate about crafting customized treatments that help her clients de-stress, improve their skin, and relieve muscular tension. Her expertise in aesthetics, massage therapy, and her close attention to details makes every treatment with Logan valuable and effective. 

Logan is a graduate of  The Boulder Massage Therapy Institute with additional training in Ashiatsu Deep Barefoot Massage, Oncology Massage, Asian Energetics, Cupping, Sports Massage, Myofacial Techniques, and Cranial Sacral Therapy.  


Blair Brown
 Licensed Massage Therapist

Blair graduated from Texas Healing Arts Institute in 2012. Shortly after graduation, she discovered what would become her specialty - Ashiatsu Deep Barefoot Massage.  This modality perfectly melds slow rhythmic style with relaxing deep pressure, and is PERFECT for those who feel they never get enough pressure, but also love a massage that is not painful or pokey. Ashiatsu is a Japanese word that translates into "foot pressure". It is known as "the deepest, most luxurious massage on the planet". It delivers a soul-satisfying pressure that cannot be achieved with traditional massage techniques.


Blair has been a dedicated yoga practitioner for over a decade and brings smooth and mindful movement into each massage whether it is our highly requested Rose Repose Massage, Ashiatsu, or our CBD Infused Massage. 


Blair believes that massage is an incredible tool for a physically balanced body and also a gift to one's self to unplug and de-stress for the 60, 75, or 90 minutes you have together.

Kathy Hickey
Licensed Massage Therapist, Registered Yoga Teacher

Kathy is a 2004 graduate of the Boulder College of Massage Therapy. She specializes in Ashiatsu Deep Barefoot Massage, and has a background providing massage in some of Colorado's best spas!

Kathy also teaches 1:1 yoga classes at Reverie. Having personalized yoga instruction helps those who are new to yoga get to know proper positioning before joining a larger class or establishing an at-home yoga practice. Clients often combine a yoga session with a massage with Kathy for a true self-care day!  

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Brooke, Owner

Why choose Reverie?

Reverie Signature Services

Signature Reverie Facial

Your skin deserves this completely customized skin-pampering facial utilizing an array of techniques that may include: microdermabrasion, dermaplaning, enzymes/acids, extractions, Ayurvedic facial massage, LED Phototherapy, high frequency, renewing eye mask, warm-mitts hand treatment, custom mask, a 15-minute hot stone back massage, and/or arm & hand massage....HEAVENLY!

Reverie Daydream Package

A totally transcendent 2 hours, including a 60-minute Reverie Blend Massage, and our 60-minute Signature Reverie Facial. You'll be floating on cloud 9!

Reverie Blend Massage

Designed to be the perfect customized massage for you, we accommodate any pressure preference, and incorporate a blend of hot stones, cupping, CBD lotion (1 area), and/or essential oils. Let your therapist know your ideal blend or let her choose the perfect combination for you!

Rose Repose Massage

Rose has been studied for its ability to lower stress hormones, and has been proven to be a natural anti-depressant. It also has healing and anti-aging benefits for the skin. This massage will lift your spirits, and lower your stress levels - from face to feet! Your Rose Repose treatment starts with a dry brushing to stimulate lymph and soften the skin. Then, a perfect-pressure massage with our custom-blended rosehip seed oil, coconut oil, shea butter, and pure Rose essential oil. An Ayurvedic face-lift massage as well as a lower leg & foot scrub with steamed towel wrap is included. We send you home with a Rose aromatherapy shower bomb so you can continue to stop and smell the roses!